Nantucket Summer House 2017


For the past year a half my family and I have been brand ambassadors for Schwinn. They will send us bikes and bike accessories to use, photograph, and write about. Basically it’s been a dream, awesome bikes in exchange for pictures I would have taken of my family anyway? Sign me up! Well just this past February my friend Sam from over at Schwinn offered me an opportunity that I could not pass up…a chance to stay at a summer house in Nantucket with other ambassadors, riding bikes, eating fruit & seafood…I kid you not, it was exactly the dream it sounds like. Sam said it would take place mid June & I was all for it and excited except for one “small” little thing…I was due with baby #3 on May 12. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I knew how much I wanted to go but I have responsibilities here at home…things that don’t take breaks. Something along the lines of, oh I don’t know, 3 kids 3 and under! Not to mention one of those kids being a newborn…

There was so much I had to think about. When I got home that night I mentioned it to Riley thinking to myself, “I probably really shouldn’t go.” But for some reason I’ve been blessed with a really great husband. Don’t get me wrong, he constantly gets under my skin and we fight and bicker every single day (but life would be pretty boring if we were just cheeky and adorable all the time, lets be real).  But I kid you not when I say this, I merely mentioned the idea of Nantucket to him and without hesitation he goes, “of course you should go, you need this.” After a bit more conversation about it we decided I would go and I set my dates up with Sam.

Come May 2nd, I had our baby. A beautiful baby girl, Mia Lorraine. & it wasn’t until she was about month old, early June that I realized that I did *need* this time in Nantucket. Let me be the first to tell you that three kids is no joke. (Obviously, I mean its a whole other human life we’re talking about here!) But I didn’t realize how overwhelmed I would be trying to handle going from just two little girls to three little girls. My temper was short and my frustration was high. And my poor husband, was enduring it all. My emotions were all over the place: I was anxious because I didn’t know if the trip would be a good idea for me. I was overwhelmed because Mia wasn’t taking a bottle well as a breast fed baby. I was frustrated with how I was handling motherhood with 3 kids. And I’m not even going to get into the mom-guilt I had for leaving my newborn baby just 6 weeks after she was born. But…I did it! I took some time for myself, at first it was out of obligation because I told Sam I would be there, but once I got there I knew I needed this time for me, to get my brain back in order and let my frustrations out.

I couldn’t have had a better time. I got to meet so many ambassadors that I have been working with for a while now & go somewhere I never thought I’d go. The house we stayed at was straight out of a catalog and the bikes were so much fun (and super cute, too!). Nantucket was small enough for us to just bike to either side of the island & that’s exactly what we did!

Best of all, it was exactly the break I needed to get my head together and keep my frustrations from getting the best of me.

Enjoy some of my favorite memories and pictures from my trip. Nantucket is SO beautiful!

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A long 9 mile ride to Cisco Brewery for lunch!

We took a nice sail around the island. I was FREEZING. Sand Cloud to the rescue! 😉


They pampered me with Philosophy. New fan, right here!

The Schwinn summerhouse crew! ^^

A ride to the beach for lunch.

Ice cream from The Juice Box! 🙂

Literally the entire island is full of flowers & perfect places. You know I was stopping to take pictures every 3 minutes, I just can’t help it!

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