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San Antonio Maternity and Newborn Photographer – Tips on how to set up a milk bath

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3 tips for photographing your own milk bath:

It’s no surprise that my all time favorite subject to photograph is my daughters. At the start of every month I take pictures of my youngest to photograph her monthly milestones. July’s theme was to photograph her in the morning, just after waking up & when she is just so so happy. Afterwards we moved down to our kitchen for milk baths.

Top 3 tips I have for photographing milk baths of your own little ones would be

  1. Make sure your child doesn’t mind laying their head down in the water. We had to practice this with my older two girls for a few months before they were comfortable laying their heads down half way under water & not screaming their heads off. Don’t worry, you’re not alone if your child doesn’t like being under water. It takes time, so don’t rush it & be patient.
  2. You can use milk jugs mixed in with water or you can use powder milk. If you are using something small like a farm house sink or ceramic bowl, you can definitely get away with a gallon or two of fresh milk. I actually used two bottles of breast milk that I had had in the fridge for 3 days and was no longer good to feed to the baby. However, if you’re using a regular size tub, powdered milk is the way to go. Just 1 box should be plenty to give you that creamy white color you’re looking for.
  3. Lastly, USE FRESH FLOWERS. It makes all the difference! Spend 10 dollars at the grocery store for a few different varieties of flowers & place them in the shallow water just before you start to photograph. For this shoot I bought a dozen roses; I only used 3 of them full & I took the petals and leaves off another and placed them in the sink. I also bought some of the smaller white flowers since I was going for that classic, vintage vibe.

I LOVE how they came out!!! Priceless images I’ll have of my daughters at this very moment. Hope you enjoy, get inspired to try it yourself and let me know how it goes! 🙂


Mother’s Day Pictures – San Antonio Family Photographer


As mothers, we far too often forget to get in the picture with our little ones. Selfies, cell phone shots, fancy camera pictures…whichever it is, these snapshots of what our lives are like with our children are all they are going to have when they’re older & they don’t snuggle with us or bring their dinosaurs along for bike rides or give us nose kisses at any time. Personally speaking, I wish I had more images of my mother and I when she was my age. Just a glimpse into what her life was like as a young mom with my siblings, my gosh, what a treasure that would be to see! So this is a challenge to all you mamas out there (and dads too)…GET IN THE PICTURE! Give your child tangible memories to look back at when they’re our age & have kids of their own. There’s so much to be seen & many moments to capture. They grow up way too quickly – go outside to make memories and take pictures with your favorite little humans. You won’t regret a single image, I can promise you that.

In honor of Mother’s Day I did just that, I hopped in front of the camera with my girls & we giggled and made some memories with our toy dinosaurs & Schwinn Gateway Bike.

Happy Mother’s Day, mamas! You are SO important and more than needed! I hope you never forget that <3




Special thank you to Ride Schwinn for my beautiful bike. Bike rides as a family are my favorite <3



Adalae & Penelope – San Antonio Photographer

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January has been an amazing month. We were lucky enough to visit family in Chicago last week and while it was an amazing time, it was FREEZING. I am definitely more of a Texas sunshine girl. Here’s a few pictures of my daughters to spread the warm beauty that we are so lucky to have most of the year here in San Antonio.  February is coming & I am so excited! One wedding consultation and a few sessions already on the books. Don’t forget to check out the newborn session sale I have going on, on my facebook page!

These images are some of my favorites of my girls – Adalae age 2 & Penelope age 7 months. They are so beautiful by themselves but seeing Adalae be an incredible big sister and Penelope look up to her is just an entirely different level of gorgeous. I am one lucky mama <3

I also included a couple of bloopers & perfectly imperfect pictures that I LOVE. Enjoy <3

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the picture below is blurry but I just couldn’t resist sharing that perfect little face with you all!





Tutu dresses – Kensington Lane Kids

Hair Bow – Fourth and Pierce

Flower tie back – Gray and Mae

Moccasins – Wild Explorers




Roberds Family – San Antonio family photographer




I was so excited together with some of my favorite clients here in Texas but this time for a family session of FIFTEEN. Yep! This time I met grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, girlfriends & brothers of Aubrey & her parents…and I was truly honored! Thank you for valuing family enough to get pictures of your time together. Its so difficult to coordinate when everyone is going to be in town, we had to change the dates a couple of times but I was glad to accommodate…Family is so important! So are pictures 😉

Enjoy some of my favorites from my clients gallery of more than 250 images O.0 (crazy, I know).



Renner Family – San Antonio Photographer


I have been in contact with Josie for over a year now & the scheduling just never worked out between the two of us. So we were finally able to get together this last week! And even then we had to reschedule to the next day because San Antonio experienced weird, crazy winds. Haha! Go figure! But I was so glad to finally meet this little family. These are just a few of my favorites of these four 😉